I teach a well-rounded and non-strenuous form of Yoga inspired by the teachings of Integral Yoga® and its founder Sri Swami Satchidananda. The classes are suited to students of all ages and body types including new beginners. In addition to the strengthening and stretching benefits, the class is structured and paced to lead students to a calm but alert state of mind, a fundamental quality of psychological health and well-being. This ideal state of mind is achieved through a deliberate balance of practices that are energizing and calming, with a balance between activity and rest, and an emphasis on focusing awareness in the present moment. The class format begins with a short centering practice, a series of Yoga poses, a guided relaxation practice, breathing practices, and finally a short meditation.

Ultimately, Yoga is a catalyst which activates the body and mind’s innate potential to heal itself. From the Yogic point of view, healing energies are stimulated when the body and mind harmonize. For the practitioner, it is subjectively experienced as calm alertness. 

Overall, the purpose of the class is to bring you back to your essential nature or in yogic terms, your True Self, a mentally healthy state of well-being and basic contentment. When experienced over and over again, well-being slowly becomes more and more of a constant in our daily lives. 

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