As simple Yoga postures, breathing practices, and guided meditation (Yoga practices) are integrated within a Psychotherapy session, the uniqueness of you as an individual, along with your presenting issues or challenges, will guide the course of the sessions; therefore, the amount of Yoga practices introduced will vary from client to client. The practices we do together in sessions, you will be encouraged to practice at home. Home practice will help to integrate learning into your daily life. Over time, you will learn to utilize the therapeutic benefits of Yoga practices on your own.

How it Works

Yoga practices offer a natural remedy to life’s inevitable challenges. By directly working to slow down an overactive mind and unruly emotions, the relaxation effects of a nurturing environment coupled with Yoga interventions can help to alleviate confusion and provide you with a regained sense of control and optimism. Relaxation also promotes calm attentiveness and is especially therapeutic in relation to our experience of difficult emotions. It is only by calmly and self-compassionately relating to ourselves in the midst of difficultly that the opportunity for real and lasting change can take place.

Another aspect of combining a nurturing environment with Yoga practices is in their combined power to evoke positive emotions. Over time, the repeated experiencing of positive emotions will result in a gradual transformation of your personality. My approach along with your commitment has the capacity to cultivate a positive outlook rooted in Life’s inherent potential to overcome adversity.

Example Session

The following offers an example of how a session might unfold and how positive experiences can be evoked through integrating simple Yoga practices. In the case of someone who has become aware of an underlying lack of confidence, standing upright with a tall spine, an open chest, and a feeling of support and rootedness through their legs will invariably evoke a degree of self-confidence. In Yoga, intentionally standing as described is known as Tadasana or Mountain Pose. Standing in Tadasana offers you the possibility to not only talk about confidence, but to actually experience it, invite it deep into your being and with therapeutic guidance become of aware of what’s inhibiting feeling better about yourself and learn to facilitate its growth.